Silver & Gold

Cover yourself or the whole family with a Mahala Silver & Gold funeral plan. Every plan includes comprehensive funeral cover with included benefits at an affordable monthly premium every South African CAN afford!

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Silver & Gold Single Plan

Funeral Cover R10 000 R20 000 R30 000
Ages 18 - 64 R88 pm R135 pm R170 pm
Ages 65 - 74 R150 pm - -

Silver & Gold Additional Dependants

Funeral Cover R5 000 R10 000 R 20 000 BENEFITS
Ages 18 - 64 R20 pm R51.50 pm R102.50 pm R19 pm
Ages 65 - 74 R40 pm R75 pm R140 pm R35 pm
Ages 75 - 84 R65 pm R130 pm - R65 pm

Mahala Loyalty Rewards

Access over ± 2000 deals, savings and more.

3 Day Car Rental Benefit

Reliable transport to and from the funeral.

R250 Airtime Benefit

Make every call to family & friends.

Body Repatriation

Repatriate a loved ones remains back home.

Do you need more funeral cover?

Get double the selected funeral cover by taking a second Mahala Silver & Gold funeral policy!
A Maximum of two (2) policies per insured life.