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As a Registered financial services provider you can trust Mahala to keep your information confidential and safe. We are authorised to perform the necessary checks to complete a funeral consolidation on behalf or our PSA members when they request us to do so.  To auhorise us to do a funeral consolidation recommendation for you, please download and complete the “funeral consolidation authorisation” form and send it with a copy of your latest payslip.


A funeral consolidation allows Mahala to look at a PSA member’s payslip and review their funeral insurance policies on it. Mahala then provides the PSA member with a breakdown of all their policies and a recommendation, if we are able to save the member on their monthly premiums.

During our road shows and at PSA meetings, one of the main reasons PSA members did not want to take the PSA Lifestyle Insurance Plan was due to the fact that they have existing funeral cover at various insurers. After reviewing just ONE payslip from a PSA member, we immediately picked up that he was paying too much for a funeral cover that was being deducted off his payslip. Hence, we introduced the FUNERAL CONSOLIDATION.

All you have to do is send Mahala a copy of your payslip and a signed client authorisation that will allow Mahala to request and review all your funeral insurance policies on your payslip. You can fax the documents to 0866314046 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A signed client authorisation allows and permits Mahala to contact your current funeral insurers on your behalf, requesting information and / or documents regarding your current funeral insurance.

After Mahala receives the signed client authorisation mandate and payslip from the PSA member, Mahala will contact the relevant funeral insurance customer care centres to request a breakdown of policy benefits, premiums and insured persons on the relevant policies.

Mahala will then review the PSA member’s funeral policies and prepare a recommendation for you based on the policy information collected from your current funeral insurers.

Mahala will fax or email the recommendation and if you approve / agree you sign the recommendation and fax or email it back to us.

You have the option to continue / cancel your existing policies, simply provide your preference to the agent assisting you. Mahala will send a cancellation letter on behalf of the PSA member to the Insurer/s (only on the member’s request).

The Mahala Call Centre Agent will make this process as simple and as easy as possible for you. The agent will contact you and confirm the application telephonically or if you prefer, the application form can be faxed or emailed to you for signature.

Once signed and received, the PSA member’s new application form is submitted to TBFS / Persal for collection (TBFS will ensure that cover is provided from cancellation up to new application processed).

If your waiting period has passed on your current funeral insurance and the cover amounts are the same, then no waiting period will be applicable.

If your waiting period has passed on your current funeral insurance and the cover amounts has increased, then the waiting period is only applicable on the difference of the cover amount. For eg. if you cover was R 15 000.00 and you increased your cover to R 50 000.00, the waiting period is applicable only on R 35 000.00.

If your waiting period has not passed, the balance of the waiting period will be applicable. For eg. if your inception date at ‘Insurer XYZ’ is 1st July 2014 and the waiting period is 6 months and you move over to Mahala with inception date 1st November 2014, then there is only a 2 month waiting period applicable.

Please note that waiting periods differ according to age and schemes, the agent will advise you accordingly.

Yes! As soon as Mahala receives a signed application form as well as the signed recommendation letter, you and your loved ones are covered immediately.

You will receive all policy documents within 30 days (provided there are no delays of which we have no control over). However, policy documents can be emailed or faxed on request.