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SAARP (South African Association of Retired Persons)

50 - 64 years
65 - 74 years
75 - 84 years  



50 - 64 years  
65 - 74 years
75 - 84 years  


1 Principal Partner and 4 Children included.
R10 000 Plan - Children Cover:
14 - 20 yrs: R10 000, 6 - 13 yrs: R5 000, 0 - 5 yrs: R2 500 and Stillborn: R1 250
R20 000 Plan - Children Cover:
14 - 20 yrs: R20 000, 6 - 13 yrs: R10 000, 0 - 5 yrs: R5 000 and Stillborn: R2 500
R30 000 Plan - Children Cover:
14 - 20 yrs: R30 000, 6 - 13 yrs: R15 000, 0 - 5 yrs: R7 500 and Stillborn: R3 750

• Any benefit payable in respect of a child is subject to the statutory limitations: Children less than 6 (six) years R10 000
(Ten Thousand Rand); Children 6 (Six) to (including) 13 (Thirteen) years R30 000.

All benefits provided as part of a funeral assistance policy

A 6 month waiting period applies for death due to natural causes up to the age of 64 yrs and 9 months for ages
65 - 84 yrs. No waiting period for accidental death. There is a twenty-four (24) months waiting period for death due to suicide. Terms & Conditions apply and can be requested from the Call Centre: 084 196 3733.

Take Note: The premium payable will remain based on the rate applicable to your age at the time the policy first incepted. Your cover will cease at death or if you do not pay your premiums. Children cover ceases either when the child no longer meets the eligibility conditions or both Member and Principal Partner have passed away.

Main Member & Principal Partner



  R500/month for 6 months Benefit

In the event of a life assured’s death, the surviving family is provided with R500 cash pay-out every month for 6 months.

Veggie Benefit

In the event of a life assured’s death, this benefit provides a voucher to the value of R750, to be used at any Checkers nationwide.

 Medical & Legal Advice Line

24 hour access to general medical enquiries and assistance during medical emergencies as well as 24 hour access to telephonic legal advice operated by qualified attorneys.
(All assistance provided telephonically). 

 Airtime Benefit

In the event of a life assured's death, the beneficiary or claimant is provided with Airtime to the value of R250 across ALL networks, where possible.
A secure pin is sent via SMS to the nominated cell phone number. 


This Benefit provides prepaid electricity to the value of R250 per
month for 3 months to the surviving family in the event of a life assured's death.

 Local Butchery Benefit

In the event of a life assured's death, the beneficiary is provided with a meat-account opened at a local butchery of the beneficiary’s choice with a R3 000 value.
Your meat account can be utilized up to 12 months after the incident. 


All insured benefits are provided in terms of policies underwritten by Hollard Life Assurance Company Limited. The living benefit (Medical & Legal Advice line) is not underwritten. All Value Added Benefits are provided by appointed service providers. While every effort is made to ensure service delivery by the appointed service providers, Hollard Life and THE BEST Funeral Society cannot accept any responsibility for services not delivered, or part delivered by a service provider or any cost arising from the non or part delivery thereof.
Hollard Life Assurance Company Ltd (Reg. No. 1993/001405/06), THE BEST Funeral Society Pty Ltd (Reg. No. 1997/005812/07) are authorised Financial Services Providers. Terms & Conditions apply and will be set-out in your policy certificate.

Underwritten by Administrated by

Terms and Conditions apply. For more info download the application form and brochure.