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Relief Food Box Facts:

The box provides the following meal servings:
•  140 x Carbohydrate servings
•  45 protein servings.
•  25 servings of soup.
•  The box also contains 26 cups of tea, 
    soap and toilet paper.

•  All the Melsi branded items in this box are all fortified 
   with 20 – 23 vitamins and minerals.


Box Contents:

2x 2.5kg Maize Meal 
1x 1kg Samp
1x 500g Sugar Beans
1x 1kg Rice
1x 200g Melsi Soya Mince Beef
1x 200g Melsi Soya Mince Chicken
1x 500g Melsi Soup Powder Beef & Veg 
1x 500g Mesli Vita-drink (orange)

1x 500g Melsi Immunomeal 
1x 400g Pilchards (in Tomato)
1x 500g Sugar 
1x 500ml Cooking Oil
1x Tea Bags 26's 
1x 250g Tea Creamer Powder
2x Toilet Rolls
1x 100g Bath Soap
Net mass of food box: 11.3kg


Melsi Immunomeal Box

The Melsi Immuno-meal is an instant, highly fortified maize 
based porridge. Each box containts 5 packs of 4 x 500g sachets.
These packs of 4 sachets each can be handed out to individual 

Product facts:
•  Each 500g sachet provides between 7 -10 balanced meals. 
   (balance of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins)
•  Each sachet will provide 1 meal a day for a week for a 
    single adult.
• Melsi Immuno-meal contains 20 vitamins and minerals and omega acids, 
   as well as fibre, calcium and protein.
•  A 70g serving provides 70% of the Nutritional Recommended
   daily Value of these 20 vitamins and minerals.
• Melsi Immuno-meal is enjoyed by many thousands of children and adults 
   every day around Southern Africa for more than 10 years.
•  Manufactured and packed under the strictest food 
    safety conditions.
•  See nutritional specification >here<

Box Contents:
•  Melsi Immunomeal Instant Porridge sachets
    (500g x 4) x 5 = 20 sachets
    Total Net Mass of food box 10kg