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The Loyalty Programme is powered by MAHALA Loyalty Programme (PTY) Ltd, Registration no: 2001/030145/07.  MAHALA is an authorised financial services provider: FSP Number: 21961.  For more information, phone 0860 MAHALA (62 42 52) or 084 196 FREE (37 33).  MAHALA Loyalty Programme is herein referred to as “MAHALA”.

The following terms and conditions are applicable regarding your loyalty membership:

1. MAHALA Membership:

1.1 Anyone can, upon application in the prescribed format and provided that the individual is 18 years or older, become a member of MAHALA.

1.2 MAHALA has the right to accept or refuse membership at its sole discretion.

1.3 MAHALA is open only to individuals of 18 years or older, who can form a legally binding contract. No legal entities may become members.

1.4 As soon as we have received and processed your membership successfully, we will deliver your MAHALA membership information to the specified delivery address on your application or that which was provided to MAHALA on your behalf and with your full consent and knowledge by the Distribution Agent and/or MAHALA.

1.5 Your details will be entered into our MAHALA database and utilized by MAHALA and its appointed Shops to maximize your benefits derived from your participation in MAHALA. This is including but not limited to marketing through newsletters, deals, SMS and social media etc.

1.6 Your MAHALA membership gives you access to deals that MAHALA have negotiated with a network of Shops and the benefits entail the following:

1.6.1 Discount: On-the-spot discount on your purchase, e.g. 10% discount on your purchase immediately.

1.6.2 Points: Member pays full transaction and the rebate is allocated in the form of points in the member’s e-Wallet – Balance (virtual money where 1 point equals 10c).

1.6.3 Coupons: Member receives RANDS OFF on selected items that are displayed on the MAHALA mobile platform (USSD, Mobi-site or App). The member will generate a Coupon Code and present at Point of Sale and the Shop will deduct the RAND value off your basket of goods.

1.6.4 Stamps: The member can collect stamps from selected Shops whereby they are required to collect a certain number of stamps in order to receive a freebie (free product that is determined by the Shop and will be displayed on the MAHALA mobile platform).

1.7 When the member signs up, the member is asked if they would like to receive promotional material from MAHALA related to the programme. When the member gives consent, MAHALA will communicate to the member via email, SMS, push notification and/or telephone calls.  Should the member wish to unsubscribe from such communication, the member will have the following options to unsubscribe:  Phone (0860 624252), WhatsApp (064 900 5976) and/or e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

1.8 MAHALA has negotiated a deal with a network of Shops, the member’s membership can only be used at these participating Shops and cannot be used as a credit or debit card.

1.9 The card is not transferable. You can only register in one name and have one membership.

1.10 MAHALA’s failure to enforce any of these terms and conditions shall not constitute a waiver of that or any other condition.

1.11 MAHALA’s terms and conditions are governed by and interpreted under the laws of South Africa.

1.12 MAHALA has personal indemnity & fidelity insurance to the value of R1 000 000 under policy number K/FIN/11/0693.

1.13 Members can view and/or update their member profile on the mobile platform (App or mahala.mobi), E-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or on-line (www.mahalas.co.za), all channels will require the member to login or member identification through 3 security questions.  Should any of your personal details change, please inform MAHALA as soon as possible through the provided channels.

1.14 In the event of the member status moving to inactive or unpaid, MAHALA will notify the member via SMS and the monthly MAHALA administration fee will be debited to their points account until such time as their point balance reaches zero.  In this period the member may utilize their points in the normal fashion.  Once the inactive / unpaid member’s point balance reaches zero, the member’s membership will be terminated from the programme automatically. 

2. Use of the MAHALA Loyalty Card & MAHALA Benefit:

2.1 The MAHALA platform can be used through your membership card or your phone. You can access the benefits in the following ways:

2.1.1 USSD: *120*960# (Basic phones can access USSD and will have limited functionality.  Members can phone MAHALA on 0860 624252 for more functionality)

2.1.2 Mobi site: mahala.mobi (Members with smart phones or phones that can access the Internet to access the MAHALA mobile platform)

2.1.3 App: Google Play Store & iTunes (Members can download the App for free on their smart phone to access the MAHALA mobile platform)

2.1.4 Membership Card: The Shop will capture the member’s transaction on behalf of the member (MAHALA RETAIL PORTAL)

2.2 Each member will receive a loyalty number (10-digit unique number) that will be printed on your membership card and/or sent to you via SMS/E-mail when you sign-up. If you have lost or have not received your loyalty number, please phone MAHALA on 0860 624252 or E-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).  The member cannot login or access any of the benefits without the loyalty number.

2.3 First time login: The first time a member logs in on the MAHALA mobile platform or on-line, the MAHALA username and password will always be the loyalty number provided by MAHALA. A pop-up notification will request the member to go to “PROFILE” and update their password.  This notification will continue until the member updates their password in order to secure their membership, personal details and e-Wallet. 

2.4 Each Shop will have clear instructions on how to access the deal, which is specified on each Shop Voucher under “HOW” displayed once the voucher is opened. If you are not sure how to access/use the voucher or when you are using only your membership card opposed to the mobile vouchers, please phone MAHALA on 0860 624252 for more information.

2.5 Some Points Shops require registration through the MAHALA Call Centre or the MAHALA Mobile Platform (Mobi & App).  These Shops are listed specifically on the MAHALA website or list of these can be obtained by calling the MAHALA Call Centre (0860 624252). No points can be claimed if the member doesn’t follow the instructions as indicated per Shop.

2.6 MAHALA provides a member the option to record their discounts received at the selected Discount Shops. The member can only record their discount through the App or through mahala.mobi. MAHALA cannot calculate the member’s total savings when the member doesn’t record it correctly and the final discount savings displayed under your “Balance” on the mobile platform will not be accurate.

3. Points/Points Accrual, Conversion & Redemption:

3.1 You will be rewarded with a point for approximately every R10 you spend however, points accumulation remains subject to each Shop’s rebate system & community programme structure.

3.2 Earnings under MAHALA are not transferable, cannot be ceded or assignable for any reason whatsoever.

3.3 Points accrued have no value outside of the MAHALA programme (e.g. MAHALA e-Wallet has no value within the Pick & Pay Smart Shopper or any other loyalty programme).

3.4 A maximum of 5 transactions are allowed at one (1) Shop within 24-hour period.

3.5 Points transactions above R500 may need to be verified by MAHALA and you will be requested to upload your till slip (on the mobile platform). Failure to present your membership card / voucher during the transaction will inevitably result in failure to earn the points for the transaction because the points cannot be recorded and therefore points cannot be given. Each point is worth R0.10 (10 cents).

3.6 MAHALA is the loyalty platform that is implemented by the Shop owner to administrate their loyalty programme. The Shop provides the rebate/discount on their products or services as per a signed agreement between the Shop and MAHALA.  MAHALA can carry no liability on the products or service rendered by the Shop or if the Shop fails to pay the negotiated rebate.  MAHALA will notify you via SMS/E-mail and the unpaid points will be reversed accordingly.   Should the member not be satisfied with the products or services rendered by the Shop, the member MUST raise his/her complaint with the Shop directly.

4. Stamps and Freebies:

4.1 Retail Stamps and Freebies:

4.1.1 Members can accumulate Stamps on selected products at specific Shops within the MAHALA network.

4.1.2 Each Stamp represents a transaction of a specific product at the contracted Shop and each transaction will be approved by the Shop Assistant on the MAHALA mobile platform.

4.1.3 When the member has collected the required number of stamps as agreed between MAHALA and the Shop, the member will have the option to exchange Stamps for free products (Freebies).

4.1.4 Each Freebie will have an expiration date and the member will have a specified time period to exchange the Stamps for a Freebie. This will be specified on the mobile platform.

4.1.5 The Shop can change the product or the Freebie at any point once expiration date is reached.

4.1.6 Each Freebie will require a Shop Assistant to approve the transaction whereby an OTP pin will be sent to the Shop Manager. The member will enter the OTP pin on their mobile voucher in order to receive his/her Freebie. 

4.1.7 Stamps & Freebies have no value outside the MAHALA programme.

4.1.8 MAHALA cannot be held liable for the quality or the availability of a Freebie, only the Shop providing the Freebie can be held liable. Should the member not be satisfied with the products or services rendered by the Shop, the member MUST raise his/her complaint with the Shop directly.

4.1.9 Any disputes that may arise with regards to service delivery or product have to be resolved between the Shop and the member directly.

4.2 Status driven Stamps & Benefits:

4.2.1 Status driven Stamps only applies to specific Groups on the MAHALA platform and the following terms apply if this benefit is available to you.

4.2.2 Status Stamps are a behavioural measurement tool by which a Group incentivises their members and tracks their behaviour in accordance to the criteria as set out by them.

4.2.3 The Group will determine the following criteria and it will be stipulated on the MAHALA mobile platform where applicable: Criteria by which behaviour is monitored; The parameters driving the different status levels; The benefits offered to the member on each status level; Frequency of Status updates Expiration of benefits

4.2.4 Your status can be viewed under your Profile on the MAHALA mobile platform where all the above criteria will be displayed, or the member can phone the Call Centre to enquire on 02860 624252.

4.2.5 MAHALA provides the tracking platform for Status Driven Stamps and Benefits for the Group. MAHALA cannot be held liable for any disputes that transpires from the relationship between a Group and its members with regards to the Status Stamps and Benefits.

5. Participating Shops:

5.1 MAHALA may add or remove Shops from MAHALA at any time, the updated list will always be available on the mobile platform or on MAHALA’s web site and /or can be obtained through MAHALA Call Centre on 0860 624252. It is the member’s responsibility to regularly check the web site / mobile platform for these changes.

5.2 In the event that a Shop is removed from MAHALA, the member will keep any/all benefits earned at the Shop prior to such removal becoming effective. MAHALA will announce such changes/removals on the MAHALA web site and the most updated Shops will always display on MAHALA’s mobile platform and web site.

5.3 MAHALA’s transaction types (points, discounts, coupons or stamps) from participating Shops, are not redeemable for cash.

5.4 All deals are subject to each Shop’s terms and conditions as published on MAHALA’s website and mobile platform. The member can also read the Shop’s Terms & Conditions that is available on their website.

5.5 MAHALA is not responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate information recorded or provided by any third party to the service offering.

5.6 MAHALA shall not be responsible for any failure of services by the contracted Shops for any cause beyond the control of MAHALA.

6. MAHALA Competitions:

6.1 The Competition is open to all residents of South Africa aged 18 years and older. The Competition is not available to employees of MAHALA and their close relatives or anyone otherwise connected with the organisation or judging of the Competition. 

6.2 The entry fee or required actions to enter the Competition will be set-out in each Competition that is communicated to the member base.  

6.3 By entering the Competition, an entrant is indicating his/her agreement to be bound by MAHALA and third party terms and conditions.

6.4 Depending on the Competition, a member’s entry can result to multiple entries or just one entry. This will be specified per Competition. 

6.5 Closing date for entry will be stipulated on the relevant Competition. After this date no further entries to the Competition will be permitted.

6.6 MAHALA takes no responsibility for entries not received, for whatever reason.

6.7 MAHALA will define how a member can enter the Competition and it will be hosted through the following channels: website (mahalas.co.za), MAHALA mobi site (www.mahala.mobi), the App or on our social media channels (Facebook and Twitter).

6.8 MAHALA reserves the right to cancel or amend the Competition and these terms and conditions without notice in the event of a catastrophe, war, civil or military disturbance, act of God or any actual or anticipated breach of any applicable law or regulation or any other event outside of the promoter’s control. Any changes to the Competition will be notified to entrants as soon as possible.

6.9 MAHALA is not responsible for any inaccurate details supplied by the entrant.

6.10 Winners will be announced via MAHALA social media, E-mail and/or per Telephone.

6.11 MAHALA’s decision in respect of the winners will be final and no correspondence with entrants will be entered into.

6.12 MAHALA and non MAHALA members are eligible to enter MAHALA Competitions and the rules for entry will be displayed with each Competition.

6.13 Competitions are in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, Twitter or any other Social Network. You are providing your information to MAHALA Loyalty Programme and not to any other party.

6.14 MAHALA can use the prize winner(s) identity and/or photo for promotional and marketing purposes unless otherwise specified by the winner(s) (this will be confirmed when MAHALA notifies the winner(s)).

6.15 Quarterly Cash Prize Draw: This competition type is Included in a variety of MAHALA product packages / clubs. A cash prize will be paid out to a lucky winner every quarter through the Quarterly Prize draw initiative. The prize money grows with the relevant membership total of the relevant product package / club. MAHALA will pay-out R5 000 for every 1000 members that join the relevant product package / club on a quarterly basis.  The membership variables may change at any time and determined by MAHALA, solely.  Any changes to the benefit will be communicated to the affected members through electronic communication.  Please note, this competition is only applicable if stipulated in your benefit schedule provided by MAHALA.

7) External Parties terms and conditions:

7.1  EDCON Viral Vouchers Terms & Conditions:
(includes the following Brands: Edgards, Edgars Active, Jet, Jetmart, Red Square, CNA & Boardmans)

7.1.1 Vouchers are valid in South Africa only.

7.1.2 Vouchers may not be used together with any promotion or special offer.

7.1.3 Valid against regular priced merchandise only.

7.1.4 Vouchers cannot be used to purchase airtime, data, gift cards or to pay your account.

7.1.5 Vouchers cannot be used to purchase cellular products (handsets) Laptops, Printers, Digital Devices or Gaming Consoles.

7.1.6 Physical or SMS vouchers must be produced in store to qualify.

7.1.7 Only one voucher may be redeemed per transaction.

7.1.8 Vouchers may only be redeemed once.

7.1.9 No change will be given against any discount vouchers.

7.1.10 Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash equivalent.

7.1.11 Vouchers may not be used on returned items.

7.1.12 Vouchers are in English to facilitate ease of use at tills.

7.2 EDCON Physical Gift Card terms and conditions:
(includes the following Brands: Edgards, Edgars Active, Jet, JetMart, Red Square, CNA & Boardmans)

7.2.1 The bearer of the Gift Card may use the Gift Card to purchase merchandise from any Edgars, Edgars Active, Red Square, Jet, JetMart, Boardmans and CNA stores.

7.2.2 The Gift Card is valid for a period of 3 years from date of activation or upon full redemption thereof, whichever occurs first. If such gift card has been topped-up, it will remain valid for a period of 3 years from date of top-up or upon full redemption thereof (whichever occurs first) irrespective of the date of activation.

7.2.3 The Gift Card may not be used for the payment of an Edcon account; exchanged for cash; or used to purchase airtime.

7.2.4 No cash change will be given on purchases made with the Gift Card.

7.2.5 For security reasons, this Gift Card should be kept in a safe place. If stolen, it may still be used to make unauthorised/fraudulent purchases.

7.2.6 Lost or stolen Gift Cards will not be replaced or refunded. However, if you are in possession of the Gift Card number, you can call the Edcon Gift Card Centre on 0860 692 274 to report it lost or stolen. We will then block the remaining amount on the Gift Card and transfer it to another Gift Card, available when you next visit any Edcon Store.

7.2.7 Gift Card balances can be checked in-store at a till point or by calling the Edcon Gift Card Call centre on 0860 692 274.

7.3 EDCON Electronic Gift Card terms and conditions:
(includes the following Brands: Edgards, Edgars Active, Jet, Jetmart, Red Square, CNA & Boardmans)

7.3.1 An electronic gift card is an SMS version of the existing gift card and the following additional terms apply:

7.3.2 If the full value of your Electronic Gift Card is not used on your first purchase, the balance will be transferred to a physical Gift Card.

7.3.3 The Electronic Gift Card cannot be topped up or be SMS’d to someone else.

7.3.4 Should the Electronic Gift Card be deleted, or the Customer’s cellphone lost/stolen, Edcon will be not be liable for any reimbursement of any nature. The SMS can be resent, but only to the original number.

7.3.5 The usage of the Electronic Gift Card is solely at the risk and discretion of the Customer.

7.3.6 Edcon will not be held responsible for any cellular network service operator's delay in forwarding an Electronic Gift Card to you.

7.3.7 The Electronic Gift Card will only be accepted if a valid Electronic Gift Card number in SMS format is presented to the cashier.

8. Takealot Coupons

8.1 There are two types of Coupons: a Coupon with a fixed amount of a discount, e.g. R100 off (“Fixed Coupon“), and a Coupon with a percentage discount, e.g. 10% off (“Percentage Coupon“).

8.2 Coupons are issued in Takealot’s sole discretion and we are entitled at any time to correct, cancel or reject a Coupon for any reason (including without limitation where a Coupon has been distributed in an unauthorised manner). Users do not have a right to Coupons, and Coupons cannot be earned. Coupons are issued under specific terms and conditions regulating when and how they may be used.

8.3 As a general rule, and unless specified otherwise on the specific Coupon itself:

8.3.1 each Coupon can only be used once;

8.3.2 only one Coupon can be used per order;

8.3.3 only one Coupon can be used on the website per person per promotion/campaign;

8.4 Percentage Coupons may only be used on purchases with a total cart value of less than R5,000;

8.4.1 where a Percentage Coupon has been used and you wish to cancel any items in the order prior to making payment, the entire order must be cancelled. You will be issued with a new Percentage Coupon and will need to place the order again, without the items that you wished to cancel;

8.4.2 a Coupon must be used at check-out – it cannot be used later on existing orders; and

8.4.3 the value of the Coupon will be set off against the value of your shopping basket and the balance remaining, if any, will be payable by you.

8.5 Coupons cannot be used to buy Gift Voucher or other Coupons, and cannot be exchanged or refunded for cash or credit. Takealot is not responsible for any harm due to the loss, unauthorised use or distribution of a Coupon.

8.6 If for any reason a Coupon does not reflect in the final amount due from you at check-out, you can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to confirm if the Coupon is still valid. If Takealot confirms that the Coupon is still valid and you have already placed your order, you can choose whether to cancel the order and place it again with the Coupon, or you can use the Coupon on your next order within the limitations of the specific Coupon’s terms and conditions.

8.7 You may be required to submit the original communication containing the Coupon code, and any other information reasonably requested by Takealot, before you are able to use a Coupon.

 9 Netflorist Vouchers:
9.4.1 This coupon (NFMAHALA) can only be redeemed online on the NetFlorist website, and not on the Call Centre.

9.4.2 Register a user profile on www.netflorist.co.za to begin your purchase.

9.4.3 The coupon is valid for ONE purchase session only.

9.4.4 The coupon cannot be used in conjunction with any other promo code, or special offer.

9.4.5 Please click Redeem after entering the code in the box provided. Once Redeem has been clicked, that same voucher code cannot be used a second time. Please call 0861 300 600 if there is a problem completing a purchase where a voucher was attempted to be used.

9.4.6 Please click Redeem after entering the code in the box provided. Once Redeem has been clicked, that same voucher code cannot be used a second time. Please call 0861 300 600 if there is a problem completing a purchase where a voucher was attempted to be used.

9.4.7 Delivery charges still apply to each order.

9.4.8 Some products on the NetFlorist site may be restricted against voucher use. Be sure to check the product description for any restrictions.

9.4.9 Delivery restrictions may apply on some items on the website. Please check the site for details of the delivery restrictions: http://www.netflorist.co.za/delivery-information.htm

9.4.10 Please allow 2 to 3 days for hamper and gift deliveries.

9.4.11 Please allow 2 to 3 days for hamper and gift deliveries.

9.4.12 For general T & C’s go here: http://www.netflorist.co.za/Terms_and_Conditions.htm


10 Shell Fuel Rewards electronic card number holder

10.1 U-Benefit (Pty)Ltd, through One Loyalty (Pty)Ltd provides Mahala Loyalty Programme (PTY) Ltd a fuel rewards programme. U-Benefits (Pty)Ltd is an associate company of Bion Investments (Pty) Ltd, the holder of the Shell Fuel Rewards Program re-seller contract, as well as the unique e-card numbering system hereinafter referred to as “The Service Provider”.

10.2 I confirm that the unique Shell fuel 16-digit number has been issued to myself, as the “ELECTRONIC CARD Holder” by “The Service Provider”.

10.3 I confirm that the unique 16 digit e-card numbering system is not transferrable and is issued to an individual for their sole use after the first transaction; Note: if the e-card is not used for the first transaction within 4 (four) weeks I acknowledge that my unique number associated with my involvement with the Shell Fuel Rewards Program plan will be recycled back into stock.

10.4 By using the Shell Fuel Rewards Program 16-digit ELECTONIC CARD number I, as the ELECTONIC CARD Holder agrees to abide by the standard 16-page SHELL Terms and Conditions (T&C) “AGREEMENT FOR SHELL FUEL CARD”, copy attached for ease of reference, and the Service Providers Special Terms and Conditions for the Shell Fuel Rewards Program; Shells Terms of Use: click here (https://www.shell.co.za/terms-of-use.html)

10.5 Such Terms and Conditions include:

10.5.1 All Shell Fuel Rewards ELECTONIC CARD holders must be 18 years of age or older;

10.5.2 The ELECTONIC CARD Holder will receive a monthly report, indicating fuel purchased and his/her fuel reward due; Each ELECTRONIC CARD Holder will receive points for every litre of Petrol / Diesel pumped into their vehicles (and paid for) as a reward, for as long as the Shell Fuel Reward programme is in place;

10.5.4 The fuel reward will be paid to the member’s e-wallet after the administration fee has been deducted as long as the member present their virtual Shell T card including the allocated 16-digit ELECTONIC CARD number;

10.5.5 The ELECTONIC CARD Holder agrees to allow the Service Provider to deduct a monthly administration fee of R5.00 (Five Rand incl. VAT) for a period of 6 (six) months per year from the User’s accrued loyalty rewards; this being an annual service charge levied off the fuel rewards;

10.5.6 Participating Shell fuel outlets may be added (or removed) in the future and in such cases the fuel loyalty ELECTONIC CARD Holders will be displayed on the Mahala mobile platform.

10.5.7 Mahala / The Service Provider and / or Shell, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to terminate the use of any of their fuel reward ELECTONIC CARD numbers if there is mis-use of an ELECTRONIC CARD number or by a user operating the electronic CARD in a manner which is deemed to be a breach of the Terms and Conditions.

10.5.8 An ELECTRONIC CARD Holder whose electronic CARD and account are terminated per clause will forfeit any points accumulated in his/her e-Wallet still due at the time, due to breach of Terms and Conditions

10.5.9 30 days’ notice, or close as possible thereto, will be provided to Shell Fuel Reward ELECTRONIC CARD Holders should Shell or its affiliates decide to terminate or change the terms of the fuel rewards programme. ELECTRONIC CARD Holders will be notified via SMS / E-mail on displayed on the Mobile Platform.

10.5.10 The Service Provider may always deduct from the points balance of an ELECTRONIC CARD Holder’s account any fuel bonus credited in error and any fuel bonus relating to a purchase which is cancelled or reversed for whatever reason;

10.5.11 The ELECTRONIC CARD is valid at all participating Shell Fuel Stations located in the Republic of South Africa.

10.6 Indemnity:

10.6.1 Mahala / The Service Provider is not responsible for any loss or damage, including consequential loss or damage (Loss), due to your membership or cancellation of your membership or your participation in Shell fuel Rewards.

10.6.2 Mahala/The Service Provider is not responsible for any Loss due to any failure or malfunction of electronic systems or facilities or delay in a point-of-sale device or our supporting or shared networks, where applicable, resulting from circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

10.6.3 Except as required by any applicable laws, the Service Provider makes no representations or warranties about Shell Fuel Rewards of any kind, express or implied, including any warranties as to fitness for a particular purpose.

10.6.4 You agree to indemnify us against any loss or damage you may suffer as a result of our reliance on any warranty, representation or information given by you in relation to these Terms and your membership of the Shell fuel Rewards programme or your breach of any of these Terms or any applicable laws.

10.6.5 You are responsible for any Tax chargeable and/or declared as a result of any points accumulated, transferred, ceded or redeemed by you.

10.6.6 Please note that the Service Provider does not give any Tax advice. The contents of these Terms and the contents on the Website do not constitute Tax advice.

10.6.7 You are responsible for getting Tax advice from an independent, professional Tax advisor about any Tax chargeable or due to be levied and/or declared as a result of any Rewards Points Collected, transferred, ceded or redeemed by you or a person that you represent as a result of your participating.

10.6.8 By taking part in Shell Fuel Rewards program, you acknowledge that Mahala/ the Service Provider is not responsible for any damages suffered or that may be suffered as a result of a Tax due by you in your personal or representative capacity, whether in common law or otherwise, including any legal practitioner and client fees, whether agreed to or as a result of a court order.

10.7 Severance: Each of the Clauses or sub-clauses of these Terms and Conditions of Use operates separately. If any court or relevant authority decides that any of them are unlawful or unenforceable, the remaining Clauses or sub-clauses will remain in full force and effect.