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What We Do

Mahala has grown from 200 000 members to over 2 million members within the last 10 years. This also means that we have much more negotiating power when it comes to negotiating rebates with your favourite stores and leading retailers.

Mahala looks after various functions within the financial industry, our core functionalities entail the following:

  1. Loyalty offering through coupons, discount and points.
  2. Product development.
  3. Product administration and collection.
  4. Financial Service Provider and Intermediary.
  5. Consultation on Loyalty Architecture and design.
  6. Call Centre: Member support and sales (inbound and outbound)

Mahala’s mission is to help each and every South African save money on their day-to-day expenses. Not only for the rich but EVERYONE, from more affordable Funeral plans to much needed Lifestyle plans – we have it.

Feel free to browse our product page to find the product that will suit your needs.

The secret of our success is listening to our members and adding Retailers that are applicable. Please HELP us to HELP you and let us know what RETAILERS we should engage with. Click here and make your VOICE heard…