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"The Mahala payslip review process has assisted me in more ways than one:

I recently got married, and that meant the extension of my family, and in our culture, extended family is like an endless river. I applied for a payslip review from Mahala and was quite enlightened to discover that I was paying too much for funeral cover that was quite limited among my family. However, I also realised that I cannot afford to take on this now extended family of mine and cover them as well. The Mahala team was very efficient in their approach and quite swift in responding to my needs ans concerns. I ended up very much relieved with the extent of cover I could offer across my family, at such low rates. The premiums were so low, I felt motivated to be socially responsible towards my family as I knew I did not have a funeral fund waiting for a rainy day, but rather, a union that opened doors for me to accept the responsibilities that come with growing up.

I ended up with so many more members covered, at a little less than I was previously paying for fewer people. This made me realise that had I not added these people, I would have saved about R800 monthly. However, since my scope of responsibility had increased, I was most comfortable to accept staying on the same premium combined, and giving each family member airtime money each month. (That is practically what it costs, the price of a recharge voucher just around R30).

What I love most about Mahala was the fact that they take you through the whole process willingly, review your payslip, make recommendations you can amend, sign you up, assist you to cancel your existing policies and guarantee cover for loved ones from the moment you join with no waiting period if the person was already covered elsewhere and had already served their waiting period at the respective insurance company.

With Mahala, I managed to cover all those close to my heart at a reasonably reduced rate, thus allowing me to accommodate my new extended family as well. What more could I ask for to secure a financial balance in my home? Now I walk around feeling like I have struck gold everyday and carry a song in my heart that will comfort me in times of loss."

- Sibusiso Mgudlandlu (Mrs Mgangala), Department of Labour

"When PSA introduced me to Mahala Funeral cover, I saw an opportunity that would help me save some money. With the money that I have saved from diverting to Mahala funeral cover I will now be able to add it to my children's educational savings."

- Mrs. S. Phasha

"I was referred by a friend of mine who had also done payslip review with Mahala and I am so thankful for all the assistance and patience. I was so impressed by the amount of money that I saved and got double the cover. Thank you Mahala for helping me save!"

- Mrs. S. Biri

"Mahala helped me save so much on my monthly instalment for funeral insurance. The service I received was phenomenal, Mahala did all the work and I smiled all the way. They were beyond patient, helpful and honest. Such service is highly recommended."

- Mrs. S. Barnardo

"Thank you to Mahala for saving me over R550.00 a month on my insurance policies. I now have comfort knowing that all my family members are covered plus I get amazing benefits. Thanks Mahala for helping me save mega bucks. You are highly recommended."

- Mrs. I. Mdoda